Olympic torch in Copacabana 360 video

rio2016The Olympic torch made an epic journey across Rio de Janeiro on Thursday (4 August). Local sports stars, international Olympians, samba dancers, refugees and even a Nobel Peace Prize winner were among the torchbearers.

One of the longest days of the Rio 2016 Olympic torch relay saw the ancient symbol of the Games travel to the western and northern edges of Rio de Janeiro before visiting the glamorous beach neighbourhoods of Copacabana and Ipanema.

Would you like to see the Olympic torch passing by Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro? Watch the 360 video and feel the same emotions as our vlogger Dj Vivi Reis! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy every moment of the Olympics Games as if you were there.

Watch 360 Degree Video Via Desktop

You can enjoy the experience either by clicking the pan button in the upper left corner with your mouse, or with my preferred method of using WASD. For you non-gamers out there, this is the preferred configuration for first person shooter games, which may shed a little light into Google’s thinking behind launching this feature. It really turns life into a video game where you can play in the sandbox and see anything going on in a video at any time.

 Watch 360 Degree Video On Mobile

At first, I was skeptical that 360 video was even supported on Android. Quite honestly I couldn’t find the buttons to make it work. But then something crazy happened, the picture moved with my phone. When you are on mobile, it’s like you are in the video itself and as you move your phone, the view in the video moves with it. This feature of 360 video will be an amazing one to combine with GoogleCardboard or virtual reality goggles to really provide a rich experience.

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