We have been filming Kinska as she and her team prepared for her first solo exhibition. This is just a taste of what we have captured in her studios in Hackney. “United Kinska” exhibition is on at Anthropologie gallery in Kings Road until 17 April.

During the “United Kinska” exhibition private view at Anthropology, BRUK 360 has brought some of the unpublished 360° footage of Kinska (creating the main piece of her exhibition) to the gallery for visitors to experiment them as an immersive virtual reality experience through the lenses of a VR headset.

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In a way, we managed to bring Kinska’s studio to the gallery, to take part in the exhibition and in the other hand also transport the public back in time, straight from the exhibition to Glebe studios in Hackney, to immerse themselves in to those moments where the artist was making her amazing creations. The public was very keen on trying it on and were amazed by the opportunity to feel like if they were there with Kinska and her team in her studio, at the time the creative process was happening.


Kinska’s work comprises everything from intricately illustrated vases and sculptures to flying balloons and finely crafted one-off cups. This new body of work opens the door to the imaginary,soulful world that exists in Kinska’s mind. “This exhibition is an opportunity for you to look into and enter my realm,” says Kinska. “It’s inspired by the joys and challenges of my life, and it’s a personal insight into my emotions and feelings. I use clay as my medium as it allows me to inject vitality into my characters.”


Kinska initially develops her character s through sketching, before translating the work from two to three dimensions. Argentina-born, London-based and completely self-taught, Kinska has built a devoted following on Instagram for her playful and imaginative ceramics.

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 Her work is rooted in the traditions of animism, and characterised by the deceptive simplicity of shape, pattern and colour. She uses clay as a canvas, infusing every piece with her feelings and distinctive style. United Kinska 360° film will be coming soon to show you a bit more of Kinska’s wonderful work. 


 If you haven’t visited United Kinska at Anthropology yet, go for it! The exhibition goes until 17th April at Anthropology, 131 – 141 Kings Road, London, SW3 4PW. Opening times: Monday to Saturday 10 AM – 7PM. Sunday 12 PM – 6PM.


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