We have been filming Kinska as she and her team prepared for her first solo exhibition. This is just a taste of what we have captured in her studios in Hackney. “United Kinska” exhibition is on at Anthropologie gallery in Kings Road until 17 April.

During the “United Kinska” exhibition private view at Anthropology, BRUK 360 has brought some of the unpublished 360° footage of Kinska (creating the main piece of her exhibition) to the gallery for visitors to experiment them as an immersive virtual reality experience through the lenses of a VR headset.

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In a way, we managed to bring Kinska’s studio to the gallery, to take part in the exhibition and in the other hand also transport the public back in time, straight from the exhibition to Glebe studios in Hackney, to immerse themselves in to those moments where the artist was making her amazing creations. The public was very keen on trying it on and were amazed by the opportunity to feel like if they were there with Kinska and her team in her studio, at the time the creative process was happening.


Kinska’s work comprises everything from intricately illustrated vases and sculptures to flying balloons and finely crafted one-off cups. This new body of work opens the door to the imaginary,soulful world that exists in Kinska’s mind. “This exhibition is an opportunity for you to look into and enter my realm,” says Kinska. “It’s inspired by the joys and challenges of my life, and it’s a personal insight into my emotions and feelings. I use clay as my medium as it allows me to inject vitality into my characters.”


Kinska initially develops her character s through sketching, before translating the work from two to three dimensions. Argentina-born, London-based and completely self-taught, Kinska has built a devoted following on Instagram for her playful and imaginative ceramics.

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 Her work is rooted in the traditions of animism, and characterised by the deceptive simplicity of shape, pattern and colour. She uses clay as a canvas, infusing every piece with her feelings and distinctive style. United Kinska 360° film will be coming soon to show you a bit more of Kinska’s wonderful work. 


 If you haven’t visited United Kinska at Anthropology yet, go for it! The exhibition goes until 17th April at Anthropology, 131 – 141 Kings Road, London, SW3 4PW. Opening times: Monday to Saturday 10 AM – 7PM. Sunday 12 PM – 6PM.


BVE 2017 – Excel, London

We have been very busy here at BRUK360 juggling many projects that are in different stages, filming, post-production, production for events and lots of planning for different projects that started lining up for the rest of the year, cool stuff coming up, watch this space guys! Also we couldn’t miss the BVE earlier this month that happened at the Excel Centre, only a 10 minute drive from our HQ in East London.


BVE is the UK’s leading Entertainment and Media Tech event, with a 20-year history dedicated to the broadcast, production and post-production sectors. In recent years, the show has evolved into an all-encompassing event that also covers the Connected Media, AV Systems Integration, Live Production, VR and creative sectors. It attracts more than 15,000 visitors who attend to discover and learn about the latest products, services and trends from more than 300 leading manufacturers and distributors. We went there only focusing on what’s on for 360 & VR, and what’s coming next.

360 Pro Cameras

img_20170302_114736The first thing we wanted to see was the latest 360 professional camera some people in the industry are raving about. Even with the price drop, from £40K to £34k, Nokia OZO still has so many limitations which can sometimes be frustrating. From being unreliable as it can overheat like other cameras we know, to being a nightmare for post-productions due to crazy amounts of data and it takes ages to process. Anyway, I’m glad we were introduced to the Mini Eye at the BVE.

360 Design‘s Mini Eye is the range of bespoke smaller VR rigs built around the Blackmagic micro cameras, ranging from 3 to 10 cameras per rig, which they are supplying to leading VR cinematographers, broadcasters, internet companies and production companies.The most popular versions are our Mini EYE™ 3 and Mini EYE™ 4. Prices range from £10k for a full rig package, including cameras, lenses, recorders, flight case, and accessories, depending on specifications. They currently offer the popular Mini EYE™ 3, designed primarily for live 360 and event use, as well as the popular Mini EYE 4™, designed for more cinematic use, or where heavy post production is anticipated.IMG_20170302_112901

VR Experience

For the first time at the BVE we could see first-hand the latest VR content by UK production companies like BBC Earth and Sky VR. As well as immersing ourselves into sports, cinematic film, wildlife and branded content VR experiences, we could explore VR’s full potential through a series of panel discussions, case studies and demonstrations.

Sky VR

Sky have a major commitment to the production of high quality VR experiences and in 2016 launched their new in-house facility Sky VR Studios, and more recently, the SKY VR App. Download the free app here: Iphone or Android. Sky transports fans of sports, movies, news and entertainment to locations around the world, offering a truly unique perspective on major events. The app has over 40 individual pieces on content available, and at BVE we were able to experience some of their latest sports content; trackside at Silverstone or ringside seats watching Anthony Joshua!

BBC EarthIMG_20170302_130407

BBC Earth, the arm of BBC Worldwide, was showcasing three virtual reality experiences using Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. The VR experiences featured three very distinctive animals: a Caracal Cat, on Oogspiter Beetle and Black Bears. These are BBC Worldwide’s first foray into 360-sturytelling, with the Cat Flight integrating CGI with 360 video. These experiences give audiences a completely different insight into the natural world.